NeoTat Rotaries – Get Some!

So I haven’t tried many rotaries but I have used the Ego and I have also tried out the NeoTat Vivace 4.2 stroke and I have to say that this is hands down everything I was looking for in a tattoo machine. The throw isn’t as scary as some would think and it really puts in the color like a boss.

NeoTat VivaceI personally own a black one but for your viewing to know what the NeoTat Vivace is I have attached the photo. This machine is awesome… it’s light weight and extremely quiet.

For the record my tattooing style is a little neo traditional mixed with some new school elements so I guess you could say neo school. Truth be told I just draw and tattoo so fuck a style. Anyways, long story short I do a lot of color packing and this machine truly delivers for that. You don’t have to over think, struggle or over stretch the skin to the point your hands shake lol… this is basically a low thought low anxiety machine that makes your job almost effortless.

I only own one for now but I am also considering a second one for my collection, something where I could use two different mag setups etc. Hell to be honest I could see owning a few of them actually.

NeoTat Rainbow How could you not want to own a few of these to go in your drawer? Back to the performance. I know that the thought of a long throw scares some artists… think of it this way – yes you can do more damage to the skin if over worked but hell that can happen with any machine. With the Vivace 4.2 you can hit hard, fast and move. Also the healing times for most clients are shorter because of the speed in which this lays the ink in.

So there is actually less damage than constantly trying to saturate a spot with a shorter throw. Maybe it’s just more suitable for how I tattoo so you will ultimately have to try one out for yourself but I can also say that my actually tattooing run times have been shrunk as well due to the performance of this machine.

Even if you are spooked of the 4.2 they have other strokes available that maybe more your speed. They offer a 2.5 stroke, a 3.5 stroke and of course the 4.2 which I am discussing.

The maintenance on this is very basic. They provide a lube and an oil that you can use every few weeks just to keep all the moving parts going strong. They even send out a couple of replacement springs as well. Oh and I haven’t even said anything about the price yet… but you don’t have to drop 500-600 for a strong rotary… I won’t even mention prices as I suggest you find that part out for yourself but I will say it’s fair and affordable.

I like trying new things but sometimes when I find something that works just as I need it to I simply stick with it. Don’t take my word for it… try it for yourself. Look at it this way… have you ever searched Ebay for Neotat? Maybe 1 to 2 machines at best because no one sells their NeoTat… that says a lot in itself.