Hustle Butter Deluxe

Hustle Butter Deluxe is a product made by Richie Bulldog for tattoo artists and tattoo collectors. This is an all natural product that can be used during the tattoo process and even after by the client to heal the tattoo.

I have used it and seen the results first hand. It’s a smooth soothing butter that goes on the skin and keeps it moist without the feeling of petroleum. Other than the fact that it smells good it also works really well for healing tattoos. It’s not as thick as using an ointment such as A&D so it lessens the build up in the tip of your tube making it easier for ink to flow onto the skin. I personally use bactine during every tattoo to reduce redness and irritation but this product seems to also help do the same… I still use both together.

You know often people are confused about how to heal their tattoos even though you told them in detail and provided an aftercare sheet as well. We’ve all seen the client who doesn’t listen and feels that more ointment is better… this is always a bad thing. This traps plasma under the ointment clogging pores which creates a world of shit. This is a great way to eliminate the confusion of when to switch from ointment to lotion… the answer is you won’t have to. With Hustle Butter you have won’t have to worry with using two different products and when to switch between the two. From beginning to end it’s only one product you will use and it will also reduce the healing time of the tattoo.

I have seen this first hand as well… but don’t take my word for it – visit for yourself and try the product!