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Voodoo Art Co.

Voodoo Art Company

Voodoo Art Co, LLC was created by Lonny Morgan in late 2012 as a vision to give tattoo artists an outlet to promote their art outside of tattooing. Sure, we all have Instagram, Facebook and people see your art there but there is totally different feeling an artist gets to see someone wearing something they

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Orphan Irons Tattoo Machines

Orphan Irons – Tattoo Machines

So, some of you know that I am sponsored by my homie Dewey who owns Orphan Irons. I met Dewey online in 2012. We became friends and talked a lot through text etc and he was watching my progression & growth. He was digging the Marker Art I was doing and asked me to produce

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Ego Rotary Tattoo Machine

Ego Rotary

So, I got to try this thing out from Ego. I have to say that it’s a fun rotary. I am used to running coils with metal tubes so I totally flipped it when I ran this with a disposable. It was so light I began to feel like I was holding a Sharpie or

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Bare With Me

I am trying to put this site together when time will allow me to do so. This platform is also new to me so I am literally learning it as I go. If anyone out there knows some things about WordPress with Responsive theme then by all means give me a shout! I attempted to

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